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Wrist Fracture Injury Compensation Claim

When somebody fractures their wrist, they may break any number of bones. The most common types of wrist fractures involve a break at the end of the forearm bone and are caused by sporting accidents or road traffic collisions. However the young and old (who have weaker bones) are more vulnerable to a “Colles” fracture, which involves a break in the radius bone of the forearm and which can take much longer to heal. Depending on the type of break, treatment may include having surgery to set the fracture – including the incision of pins and screws to hold the fractured wrist in place.

As well as sporting accidents and road traffic collisions, individuals can fracture their wrist in a slip, trip or fall when at work or walking along a footpath, and where the accident has been caused by negligence, the victim is entitled to make a wrist fracture injury compensation claim. Typically, a severe wrist fracture can take six to twelve months to heal completely, and victims can still experience some pain and a loss of grip strength long after. This is one of the main reasons to consult an experienced personal injury claims solicitor before making a wrist fracture injury compensation claim.

Making a Wrist Fracture Injury Compensation Claim

If you have fractured your wrist in an accident for which somebody else was to blame, a solicitor will first want to see your medical records to determine the extent of your injury and amount of wrist fracture injury compensation you should be claiming for. Although the Injuries Board assess the “value” of a wrist fracture injury claim on the figures published in the “Book of Quantum”, the period of time that you may be away from work or experience costs when rehabilitating from your wrist fracture is a major consideration in a wrist fracture injury compensation claim.

These “special” damages may account for as much, if not more, than the award of wrist fracture injury compensation you ultimately receive, and this is also an important consideration when negotiating with the liable party´s insurance company should they approach you with an offer of early settlement before the Injuries Board Ireland has completed their assessment. Indeed, there are so many potential areas of a person´s life that can be affected by a wrist fracture, that only an experienced personal injury claims solicitor will be able to assess which can be included when claiming wrist fracture injury compensation.

Wrist Injury Compensation Advice Service

Consequently we have opened a free advice service to help people who are making a wrist fracture injury compensation claim find out what they are fully entitled to. You can call the service on 1800 989 995 seven days a week and discuss your own wrist fracture injury with a solicitor who will be able to offer practical and helpful advice about your wrist fracture injury claim. The lines are open between 8.00am and 10.00pm every day, and there is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim once you have spoken to us, and you are invited to call us even if you have already submitted your claim to the Injuries Board Ireland or have been approach by the negligent party´s insurance company.

Call us now on 1800 989 995 or if you cannot speak now please fill in the form on the left and we will call you back.

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What to Expect When You Call

Our solicitors have many years of experience dealing with personal injury claims of this nature and will understand the pain you have experienced, plus the ongoing concern about how you can care for loved ones while unable to work, drive or perform ordinary daily chores.

We will ask you to describe the circumstances surrounding your accident, how severely you were injured and what treatment you are undergoing for your fractured wrist. We will also ask you to tell us what impact your wrist fracture injury has made to your quality of life and how long you expect this to last.

Wherever possible, we will make a preliminary assessment of your wrist fracture injury compensation claim and advise you how much wrist fracture injury compensation we would anticipate you would receive. This is all subject to independent examination by the Injuries Board Ireland and acceptance of your wrist fracture claim by the negligent party.

We tend to conclude each initial conversation with a list of options that you can select from. You are under no obligation to follow any of our suggestions, and many of our clients have preferred to take a little time to consider our advice and discuss it with family and friends.

Whatever your current situation, it is in your best interests to call our free advice service on 1800 989 995 at your earliest convenience. Claims for wrist fracture compensation can only be made within two years of your accident and, with some of the complex procedures involved, a thorough case for wrist fracture injury compensation may take a certain while to compile.

Therefore, if it is an inconvenient moment to speak with us right away, please leave your contact detail in the call-back form at the foot of the page – indicating when would be a more suitable time to speak with us – and one of our team will get back in touch with you.

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