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Work Injury Compensation

If you have been involved in an accident at your place of work, and you were not entirely to blame for your injuries, you should be entitled to receive work injury compensation.

Work injury compensation is an award made to you to make up for somebody else´s negligence or lack of care in ensuring that your work environment is a safe place to work in. Whether your injuries were caused by a piece of faulty equipment, an unmarked hazard or a lack of training, where the employer is at fault you can sue for work injury compensation.

Some people are apprehensive about suing their employer for work injury compensation. Although this is understandable at a time of economic hardship for many, should injuries which initially appear minor develop into something more substantial, your long term financial prospects will look very bleak if you are no longer able to work and support your family. Therefore, it is essential that, after sustaining any injury at the work place, you first seek medical assistance and then speak with a solicitor about making a claim for work injury compensation.

Making a Claim for Work Injury Compensation

As well as reporting to the accident and emergency department of your local hospital or visiting your local doctor´s surgery, you should ensure that any accident you experience is recorded in the employer´s Accident Report Book. It will also be to your advantage to have the details of anybody who witnessed the accident and speak with them to see if anything similar has happened to them previously. Thereafter, you should engage the services of a solicitor who is familiar with claims for work injury compensation to ensure you get the full benefit of their experience.

Your claim for work injury compensation is initially dealt with through the Injuries Board of Ireland, although it is common these days for your employer´s insurance company to also approach you with an offer of early settlement. It has to be noted that both the Injuries Board and the insurance companies have different motives. The Injuries Board want to process claims as quickly as possible, and the insurance companies want to save themselves money – neither particularly have your best interests at heart.

Therefore, it is in your best interests to speak with a solicitor prior to making a claim for work injury compensation, and in this respect we have opened a free advice telephone service. This will enable you to speak with a fully experienced solicitor in total confidence about the circumstances surrounding your accident and your entitlement to claim for work injury compensation. There is no “catch” and you have no obligation to proceed with a claim having spoken with us.

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What You Can Expect to Happen?

Our solicitors are exceptionally experienced, but rarely are two cases identical. Therefore, we will ask you to explain the circumstances surrounding your accident, how your injuries were sustained and what medical treatment you received.

We will also ask where you believe your employer failed in their duty of care towards you and if you were able to find out if this has happened before. You may also have several questions for us – even on behalf of other employees – which we will be happy to answer.

In claims for work injury compensation where the injury has been sustained over a period of time – such as repetitive strain injuries, occupational asthma or hand-arm vibration syndrome – we will also need to know when the ailment was first diagnosed by your doctor.

We will make a preliminary assessment of your case, advise you whether we believe you have a claim for work injury compensation which we believe is worth your while to pursue and, if so, explain the procedures to you.

There is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim at all. However, using our free advice service is the best way to claim for work injury compensation without the potential for a damaging confrontation at work. Both the call and the advice which is provided is free of charge, and if you cannot make the call right away on 1-800 989 995, please leave your details in our call-back form below and one of our friendly team will be back in touch with you.

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