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Bus Crash Compensation Claim

A bus crash compensation claim will often attract media attention because of the potential for large sums of damages to be awarded to multiple victims. Because of this spotlight, many victims of accidents on public transport fail to make a bus crash compensation claim because they feel that their injuries are slight and they would rather avoid the attention and forgo what they consider may be a relatively small amount of money. Although this may seem foolhardy to anybody not directly involved, it is understandable that when you have been involved in one traumatic event, you may not appreciate being subjected to another so soon.

A bus crash compensation claim may not involve the bus company at all. Negligence determines liability, and where a driver other than the bus driver was to blame for causing the accident, it is he (in the form of his insurance company) who is responsible for settling a bus crash compensation claim.

Therefore a bus crash compensation claim may not be high profile at all, but it is the fear of the unknown that represses victims to actually claim what they are entitled to. Relying on a specialist road traffic accident solicitor to guide you through the procedures and any court actions, will remove the focus of the spotlight from you, and enable you to receive a fair and adequate settlement for your bus crash compensation claim.

Making a Bus Crash Compensation Claim

In most cases where a bus has been involved in a road traffic accident and there are a number of casualties, both an ambulance and the Gardai will attend. Even if you feeling okay and just a little shaken, it is recommended that you take advantage of the medical services on offer to have a precautionary check-up. The Gardai will collect witness statements and record the details of the accident, although if you are considering a bus crash compensation claim, it might be of benefit to exchange contact details with several of your co-passengers and make a note of the vehicle registration details of the liable driver.

This information, together with any medical details, should be presented to a specialised personal injury claims solicitor to compile into a case for a bus crash compensation claim. If you are unsure of exactly what you need or would like to speak with a solicitor first about how viable it is to make a bus crash compensation claim, you are welcome to take advantage of our free advice telephone serviceto ask any questions you wish.

In an accident involving so many people, there are many conflicting pieces of advice on offer and maybe it would be best for you to call our free advice line and speak with somebody who knows the answers. Call us now on 1800 989 995 or if you cannot speak now please fill in the form on the left and we will call you back.

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What You Can Expect?

Advice about your bus crash compensation claim and what you may be entitled to claim for will be dealt with directly by a fully qualified and experienced personal injury claims solicitor. They will ask you to relate the circumstances surrounding the accident, how much you were aware of at the time and how much you have found out subsequently.

They will try to determine whether there is a case for a bus crash compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue and explain the options that are available to you. You are under no obligation to follow any of these options, and it is frequently better to listen to the suggestions that a made to you, reflect on them for a short while and decide what you wish to do.

If you choose to proceed with a bus crash compensation claim, our solicitor will be able to guide you through all the procedures involved in compiling the case, give you an idea about the length of time they expect it to take and may even be able to suggest a general level of compensation you could expect to receive.

We hope that you agree with us that this is a far better way than trying to either negotiate directly with the insurance company of the liable party, or forgo your entitlement altogether. We are certain that you will find our service sympathetic and practical and invite you to call us on 1800 989 995 or complete your details in our call-back form below, and one of our solicitors will call you to discuss your bus crash compensation claim at a convenient hour of your choice.

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