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To achieve a successful building site accident compensation claim it is necessary to exercise a little efficiency at the outset.  Unfortunately, this is a time when the victim of a building site accident might feel a little fragile and least like processing an accident claim!

Building site accidents compensation can be notoriously complicated and injured parties who pursue their grievance without legal help are rarely able to successfully conclude their claim without having the process stretch to months or even years of unnecessary delay.  Claims pursued in this area are often linked to proving incompetence, negligence or ‘contributory negligence’- failure of duty of care on the part of the employer or other members of staff.

Grisly statistics show that construction workers are six times more likely to sustain a fatal workplace injury than any other type of employee.  Injuries incurred at work are legally covered by insurance and workers involved in building site accidents should be encouraged to apply for compensation through a building site accidents claim. 

There is very little likelihood that a victim suffering with injuries will be able to gather vital information successfully to achieve a claim settlement. This is where efficient legal representation can make a difference and bring a claim for building site accidents compensation to a successful conclusion with the minimum of delay.

What to do about your building site accident claim

Should you be injured in a building site accident, seek medical attention immediately and ensure any medical reports referring to the accident are properly retained for future reference, including x-rays and any other test results necessary.

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A courteous and confidential listening ear is always encouraging and you will find you receive a prompt assessment of your case when you call our advice line.

You won’t be confused with legal jargon and the possibilities of your claim succeeding will be carefully examined.

You will also receive an indication of how much you are likely to achieve in compensation should your claim for building site accident compensation be processed successfully.

A professional accident solicitor can relieve a great deal of tension and help a successful claim move forward quickly and with the minimum of stress and confusion.  When injury in the work place causes loss of earnings, professional legal guidance can turn a claim for compensation in the right direction.

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