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Bicycle Accidents in Ireland

Every year there are a number of fatal bicycle accidents in Ireland along with countless non fatal ones. Bicycle users are probably the most vulnerable category of road user.

Because in Ireland bike owners do not have an insurance company to act on their behalf, it is vital that they should seek advice from an experienced personal injury solicitor immediately following an accident.

Our panel of solicitors specializes in bicycle injury compensation for bicycle accidents in Ireland, and offer a free advice service to help you to understand if you have a valid claim and what you need to do to next. Simply call our free phone number 1-800 989 995to speak to a solicitor now.

Bicycle accidents and the law in Ireland

By law In Ireland a bicycle rider is not simply a pedestrian with wheels, but is actually classified as “traffic” with the same rights and obligations as other road users.

Drivers are required to operate their vehicle with due care and consideration for other road users, however in Ireland we seem to have a poor record when it comes to bicycles. For example, one of the major causes of bicycle accidents in Ireland is from dangerous overtaking (skimming) of bicycles in bus lanes by bus and taxi drivers. This behaviour is illegal and not only causes many serious accidents, but also induces a great deal of fear on a daily basis.

It is no surprise then that the number of people who cycle to work and school has been declining for many years. In some European cities over 40% of commuting is done by bike, whereas in Ireland this is down to just 2%. The minister for transport has set a target of 10% commuter traffic for bicycles by 2020. It is thought we can achieve this through a combination of new laws and a change in our cultural thinking about bicycles.

There is a clear relationship between the outcome of a bicycle accident i.e. death or serious injury, and the vehicle speed at impact. This is why bicycle lobby groups are seeking a 30 kph speed limit in all urban areas, especially around schools. Statistics demonstrate that with impact at 30 kph there is a 10% chance of death, whereas over 60 kph it is closer to 100%.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a bicycle accident in Ireland you should call us now to discuss your case. Handled the right way, you probably have a very good chance of receiving your rightful compensation for your suffering and loss. Your next step is simply to call our advice line without obligation  1800 989 995 or fill our form and a solicitor will call you back.

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Common causes of bicycle accidents in Ireland

Many types of bicycle accidents can trigger a valid claim for compensation, including:

1) Bicycle accidents caused by the negligence of other road users where you are knocked off your bike by a lorry or car for example.

2) Negligence by pedestrians where for example the accident is caused when a pedestrian steps out in front of you without looking.

3) Bad road conditions such as pot holes or uneven surfaces are a common cause of bicycle accidents in Ireland.

4) Injury due to a fault with the bicycle itself.

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