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Accident at Work Claim

An accident at work compensation claim arises when you have been involved in an accident and sustained an injury due to a total lack of care, or some lack of care, by your employer.

Even in instances where some of the responsibility for your injuries may have been your own, where it can be shown that there was an element of negligence by your employer you are entitled to make an accident at work compensation claim.

Of course, your immediate concern should be that of your health and your first priority should be to get your injuries seen to by a medical practitioner. Thereafter, ensure that a report of your accident is made in the employer´s Accident Report Book and that you have at least some details of anybody who may have witnessed your accident. The entry in the Accident Report Book and your medical records may both be used in supporting your accident at work compensation claim.

Making an Accident at Work Compensation Claim

Although Irish law allows for a period of two years to elapse before making an accident at work compensation claim, it is not advisable to wait any longer than necessary before instigating proceedings. A case can take several months to prepare and may not be helped by the intervention of the employer´s insurance company with an offer an early settlement figure. Inasmuch as the amount on offer may be attractive in the short term, it needs to be adequate to provide for you if your injury does not heal as quickly as anticipated and you are unable to work.

Using a solicitor to make an accident at work compensation claim may not be able to speed up the actions of the Injuries Board of Ireland (through which all claims have to be processed initially), but may help to negotiate a more suitable offer with the employer´s insurance company. In fact, approximately a third of all accident at work compensation claims are resolved even before the Injuries Board makes its assessment.

To help guide you through your options, we have established a free advice telephone service. This service enables anybody considering an accident at work compensation claim to speak with a personal injury claims solicitor free of charge and receive helpful and accurate advice. Indeed, whatever stage your accident at work compensation claim is at, we should be in a position to be of assistance.

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When you call our free advice telephone service, your call will be dealt directly by an experienced personal injury claims solicitor familiar with accident at work compensation claims. We will ask you to describe the circumstances surrounding your accident, if there are witnesses available to talk to and where you believe your employer was negligent in providing a safe environment in which to work.

Your accident at work compensation claim will be assessed and we will let you know if there is a case which we believe is worth your while to pursue. If so, we will explain the procedures to you, how long we anticipate they are likely to take and, if possible, give you an estimation of the general level of compensation award you could expect to receive.

You do not have to do anything with this information immediately. There is no obligation on you to proceed with an accident at work compensation claim and no pressure will be put on you to do so. We understand that some people will naturally be reluctant to sue their employers, but by proceeding through a solicitor you can avoid the potential for confrontation at the workplace and enjoy peace of mind.

To discover what options are available to you, please do not hesitate to call our free advice telephone service on 1-800 989 995 at any time between the hours of 8.00am and 10.00pm. If it is not a convenient time to call right now, you can fill in your details in our contact form below, and one of our team will give you a call at a more suitable time.

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