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Wrongful Death Settlement

Is it possible for my family to get a wrongful death settlement as my brother was killed when a car broke a red light and crashed into his car? However, my family do not seem willing to pursue any action.

It is understandable why you are asking about a wrongful death settlement. A death in the family is always an awful situation to have to bear, but when a death was caused by the negligent actions of another, it can be much more difficult to cope with.

As a next-of-kin, you would certainly qualify to make a compensation claim – which could result in a wrongful death settlement – on your own; however, it would be better if all members of your family acted together. Despite the fact that no amount of money will ever bring a loved one back, some members of your family may be entitled to financial support.

It is difficult to say how much you could receive in a wrongful death settlement, as these cases vary significantly. Even if the circumstances surrounding your brother’s death may seem clear, negligence must still be legally determined. You would, therefore, be well advised to engage with a solicitor’s services, who could advise you regarding liability.

The pain and suffering by the victim is usually a major factor in most personal injury cases; however, in wrongful death cases, the most significant factor would be the loss of future earnings. Therefore, your solicitor would need to know as many details as possible about the victim’s family relationship with each respective family member and what would have been the victim’s probably future earnings.

In order to the procedure in a wrongful death settlement, you would be well advised to speak with a solicitor to discuss your personal circumstances.

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