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Compensation for Van Accidents

Statistics relating to van accidents are incorporated in the general “car” category of the Road Safety Authority annual report, so there is no evidence to determine whether they are more or less frequent than accidents involving smaller vehicles.

There is reason to believe that because a van is so much bigger than an average vehicle, and used for the conveyance of goods and machinery, that van accidents in general will lead to a higher volume of more serious injuries. Therefore, if you have been involved in a van accident, it is essential that you receive a medical examination. Even when you believe that there is nothing wrong with you, it is safer to visit a doctor´s surgery or hospital just to get a check-up. Injuries such as whiplash may not manifest themselves immediately and could be more severe in a heavy or goods-laden van.

It is in the nature of some van drivers or their passengers not to wear a seatbelt. Especially when involved in a rapid succession of deliveries, van accidents can reveal partial negligence on behalf of the victim. It is essential that you wear a seatbelt at all times – no matter how inconvenient – as not only will the lack of a restraint in a van accident possibly endanger your life, it can also affect your entitlement to a full amount of van accident compensation.

Compensation Claims for Van Accidents

Compensation for van accidents is awarded on the extent of the injury, with no consideration made for the size of the vehicle. However, as van accidents will involve workmen more often than not, it is vital that you also consider the effect that a van accident will have on your immediate and long term earning potential. Furthermore, if the van is one of the tools required by your job, it is essential that adequate compensation is awarded after van accidents to ensure you have all the tools you need to return to work once you have recovered from your injuries. These are just some of the reasons that victims of van accidents should seek professional advice when considering compensation for van accidents.

In order to clear some of these grey areas up and advise victims of van accidents exactly what they are entitled to claim in compensation, we offer a free advice telephone service.

This service is intended to act as a source of information for victims of all road traffic accidents, and enables people to speak directly with a solicitor to explain their personal circumstances and receive independent accurate and helpful advice.

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You call to us is direct to an experienced road traffic accident solicitor. The solicitor will ask you to tell them what happened in your van accident, how you were injured and what treatment you received.

We will assess whether there is a claim which is worth your while to proceed with and, if an insurance company has been in touch with an offer of settlement, advise you whether this represents a fair amount.

You are welcome to ask as many questions as you feel appropriate and if there is something you do not understand, please ask us to explain it again. As mentioned above, you are under no obligation to proceed with any of the options advised by our solicitor, but if you choose to do so, you will be guided by us throughout the whole procedure.

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