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Compensation for Truck Crashes

Compensation for truck crashes can be a complicated matter to resolve. As many truck crashes happen outside of town, they usually happen at speed on busy roads and may have far-reaching consequences for a number of other road users. Although modern technology can utilise traffic cameras to deduce liability for truck crashes, accident victims may all have different injuries and be of different stages in their lives – elements which will reflect on the awards they receive for injuries sustained in a truck crash.

Because of the serious nature of truck crashes, it is always recommended that the Gardai and an ambulance are summoned to the scene. In the most severe accidents fire fighters with cutting gear may be required to free victims from their vehicles, and irrespective of whether you have been seriously injured or not, you should always take advantage of the medical facilities on site to have a precautionary examination.

Even when you believe you have escaped unharmed, whiplash or cranial related injuries may take several days to manifest, and as these are likely to lead to more serious health issues over time, it is always best to get any injury treated – no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time

Claiming Compensation for Truck Crashes

As truck crashes usually involved serious damage and injury, the Gardai are in attendance more often than not, and will take witness statements as well as using evidence from the scene and images from traffic cameras to determine the liability party. This information will be available to you or a solicitor after the event from the Gardai´s road traffic accident report book, so there is no need to worry about not having adequate information in order to make a claim for compensation.

Truck crashes can sometimes attract media attention as well and, although they are quick to point the finger at a guilty party, you should not take this as evidence of liability nor accept an early settlement offer from an insurance company based on what you may have read in the papers.

The best way of finding out what level of compensation may be awarded after truck crashes is to call our free advice line and speak with an experienced road traffic accident solicitor.

Although it may not be possible to give you an accurate figure without further investigation, you will be able to ask questions about truck crashes and your entitlement to claim for compensation. As truck crashes affect so many lives in many different ways, some of the well-meaning advice you receive from family and friends may be contradictory. By calling our free advice telephone service,you will be able to find out the facts and receive practical and helpful advice relevant to your circumstances.

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We appreciate that people who have been involved in truck crashes will have suffered a traumatic experience and you may still be shaken from the trauma or distressed with the pain from your injuries. Therefore you will always find us courteous and helpful and only offering impartial and practical advice.

We will ask you to tell us how the accident happened, what injuries you received and if you are still undergoing any treatment. If you know the current extent of the Garda Síochána investigation or have been approached by an insurance company with an offer of settlement, it would help if you told us that as well.

Once we have this information from you, we will be able to assess whether you have a claim for truck crashes compensation which is worth your while to pursue, how long the claim will take to resolve and a general idea of what level of compensation you might receive. If this represents closely what you have already been offered by an insurance company, it may be in your best interests to accept it, but that is your decision to make.

If you choose to proceed with a claim for compensation, our solicitor will guide you through everything you need to know and will start to compile a case on your behalf. There are normally no fees or expenses payable by you as these costs will be covered by your compensation award.

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