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Train Accident Compensation Claim

Should you have sustained an injury in a train accident, you may well be entitled to make a train accident compensation claim. Injuries on trains most commonly occur when the driver brakes suddenly to avoid an obstruction on the line or makes an error of judgement when going through signals or colliding with buffers at the end of the line.

Although a driver error would lead to a train accident compensation claim against Iarnród Éireann, where the obstruction was a car failing to stop at a level crossing, it will be the driver of the car rather than the train driver who is the liable party for your injuries.

The most frequent injury suffered in an accident of this nature is whiplash – known as “railway spine” until the 1920s – and the potential for long term health issues resulting from whiplash cannot be under emphasised.

Although you may be enthusiastic to pursue a train accident compensation claim, it is far more important to ensure that you receive a medical examination after an accident to ensure that there is no permanent damage to the soft tissues at the base of the neck and top of your spine.

Making a Train Accident Compensation Claim

The reasons may vary for making a train accident compensation claim from the severe to the relatively mundane, however, whenever there is contributory negligence or “lack of care” demonstrated by another party, you are entitled to make a train accident compensation claim.

It is recommended that you utilise the services offered by a specialist personal injury claims solicitor to guide you through the procedures involved, as where liability is unclear or disputed, this may delay your train accident compensation claim.

Because making a train accident compensation claim is not always as straightforward as it should be, we have established a free advice telephone service which you are welcome to call to seek advice on making a train accident compensation claim. You injury may not have even been sustained on a train – maybe you slipped on an icy platform or were the driver of a vehicle in collision with a train due to mechanical failure – nonetheless, it is your best interests to speak with a specialist personal injury claims solicitor and take helpful and accurate counsel.

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We appreciate that injuries suffered in train accidents can be painful and last a long time. Therefore we treat each call we receive with courtesy and understanding. Our solicitors are particularly good at inviting you to tell them how the accident occurred, what injuries you sustained and what treatment you received. Of course, if you have any questions relating to a train accident compensation claim, you are more than welcome to ask them.

Our solicitor will try to ascertain during the initial telephone conversation whether there are grounds to make a train accident compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue. If so, they will explain the procedures to you and advise you of the options you have available to you. You are under no obligation to accept our solicitor´s recommendations, however, should you choose to proceed, our solicitor will ensure that you receive a fair and adequate settlement for your injuries through a fully comprehensive train accident compensation claim.

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