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Traffic Accident Settlement

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, you may have had cause to sue for personal injury compensation, which in turn can lead to a traffic accident settlement. A traffic accident settlement can be affected by a number of factors – your age, the severity of your injuries and if you in any way contributed to the accident. These are just some of the reasons why you may receive a different amount of traffic accident settlement from somebody who has been in the same accident as you.

Furthermore, personal circumstances may also influence your traffic accident settlement, such as whether you are working or not, the change the accident may have made to your lifestyle and whether your road traffic accident has led to psychological traumas – such as when a motorcyclist has fallen from their bike and is too apprehensive to get back on the road when their injuries have healed.

As a traffic accident settlement has the potential for so many different conclusions, it is always in your best interests to use the services of a specialist personal injury claims solicitor to ensure that you receive a fair and adequate amount in your traffic accident settlement.

Insurance Companies and Traffic Accident Settlements

In recent years, insurance companies representing negligent parties in road traffic accidents have often tried to persuade victims to accept an early traffic accident settlement. There is a well chronicled case where an insurance company launched a “campaign of harassment” on the father of a young woman injured in a road traffic accident – calling him fifteen times in order to get him to put pressure on his daughter to accept their offer for traffic accident settlement. Fortunately the father had the good sense to inform his daughters´ solicitors, and the victim received further damages against the insurance company for their actions.

This is just one example of the pressure put on accident victims whilst they are still recovering from their injuries, and a very good lesson in why you should always take counsel from an experienced personal injuries solicitor before accepting a traffic accident settlement.

If you would like to receive free and helpful advice in respect of a traffic accident settlement, please use our free advice serviceto speak with an experienced solicitor who will guide you in what you should actually expect to receive and the correct procedures to obtain it. Call us now on 1800 989 995 or if you cannot speak now please fill in the form on the left and we will call you back.

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What You Can Expect to Happen?

Irrespective of whether you have already been contacted by an insurance company or not, you should call our free advice telephone service and explain the circumstances surrounding your accident to one of our helpful solicitors. They will ask you to tell them what happened, how you were injured and what treatment you have received. It helps to know what your personal circumstances are in order that they can assess whether any traffic accident settlement that has already been offered to you is fair and adequate.

Once they have assessed your case, they will make several suggestions and offer a variety of options in respect of your traffic accident settlement. You are under no obligation to accept any of the recommendations offered to you, however many of our existing clients have said that, without it, they may have suffered financial hardship further down the road.

The case highlighted above is just one of many where insurance companies have considered their profits above the wellbeing of their clients´ victims. In hindsight, this particular company were made to pay for their indiscretion; nevertheless we are aware of many more instances where they have effectively cheated people out of a fair traffic accident settlement by contacting them while they were still in pain and distress.

We understand that the offer of an early traffic accident settlement may resolve some difficult financial situations in the current economic climate, and we respect your decision if you choose not to contest the traffic accident settlement. Come what may, it costs you nothing to find out more, so you should call our free advice telephone number at your earliest opportunity. 1800 989 995

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