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Shop Accident Compensation Claim

Victims that make the decision to file a shop accident compensation claim can be customers, delivery personnel or even the staff employed by the shop. 

There is more than one avenue that might be explored when dealing with shop accident claims as such establishments hold public liability insurance as well as other insurances that cover ‘Duty of Care’.

Accidents might occur in a shop in a number of ways: falling lights; falling masonry; uneven floors causing a customer or employee to trip; slippery floors in public toilets; slamming doors; broken glass; chipped edges… 

There are many ways to incur injury in an establishment open to the public that can lead to a shop accident claim.

Employees of a shop are protected by employers’ insurance that deals with ‘Duty of Care’; a set of perimeters tailored, in essence, to preserve the safety of employees at all times.  Duty of Care may be affected, however, by other elements that might include, for example, neglect on the part of the employee, who may have failed to observe the company’s safety procedures. 

We operate a free accident claim advice line that is open from 8am to 10pm every day. The purpose of this service is to provide you with a case assessment, in order to help you to understand what may be involved in bringing a shop accident compensation claim.

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How we can help with your shop accident claim

A professional solicitor with a wide experience of dealing with claims for compensation will expertly assess your claim and tell you whether it is likely to achieve a successful settlement.

A great many factors affect a successful claim. Professional accident solicitors communicate effectively and arbitrate amongst staff, employers and customers, ensuring that relations do not become strained: compensation is always a sensitive subject.

Making the decision on whether to take a shop accident claim to court is never easy.  After a confidential and no obligation discussion with one of our professional solicitors you will have the confidence to make that decision and also be glad you are in the hands of experts in accident claim litigation.

You will be given an estimate of the kind of level of shop accident compensation you might expect should your claim succeed and also you will have an indication of how long the claim will take and what should happen next.  It is all made so much clearer and easier to understand when professional help is at hand.     

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