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Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Road traffic accident compensation is a sum of money you are entitled to if you have been in a road traffic accident for which somebody else was to blame. Even when you feel that you made some contribution to the events which led to the accident, you still may be able to sue for partial road traffic accident compensation – an example of which would be where you have manoeuvred across a road to avoid a damaged road surface, but did not act quickly enough to avoid an oncoming vehicle.

In any accident, your priority before apportioning blame must be to ensure the health of everybody involved. Judges presiding over road traffic accident compensation claims will not be inclined to make maximum awards if you risked your health by delaying medical assistance, in order to take photographs of the scene. No amount of road traffic accident compensation will make up for a permanent disability that could have been prevented had you received immediate and adequate medical assistance, and when you have been involved in a serious accident, that is the job of the Gardaí.

Claims for Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Claims for road traffic accident compensation are best considered with the help of a specialist personal injury claims solicitor. Road traffic accident compensation involves far more than just a payment for the physical trauma you may have suffered. They have to account for any out-of-pocket expenses you may have experienced including loss of earnings, travel to and from a hospital whilst potentially not having the use of a vehicle and any cost associated with treatments or post-trauma therapy. Claims for road traffic accident compensation may also include an element for psychological trauma and will also be applicable to passengers involved in the crash and also entitled to claim for road traffic accident compensation.

With so many different scenarios, it is important that before you consider a claim for road traffic accident compensation you speak with a specialist personal injury claims solicitor to find out exactly what you are entitled to. In order to help you determine your entitlement to road traffic accident compensation, we have established a free advice service. Through it, you will be able to speak with a solicitor experienced in claims for road traffic accident compensation and receive valuable and helpful advice. The call and the advice offered are both free of charge, so please do not delay in calling us.

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Our solicitors are practical and impartial. However, they are also human, and understand that you have just been through a traumatic experience from which you still may be recovering. Therefore they will treat you courteously and professionally throughout your conversation.

The usual way that a telephone consultation begins is that you are invited to explain how your accident happened, what injuries you sustained and why you believe that there is cause to claim for road traffic injury compensation.

Our solicitor will assess your case as quickly as possible and, of course, you are welcome to ask as many questions along the way as you feel you need to. Please do not feel embarrassed about what you may consider to be a “silly question”. Sometimes these questions can prove vital when making a claim for road traffic accident compensation.

Should you feel that there is a case which it is worth your while to pursue, you are invited to use our services thereafter, but are under no obligation to do so. Any fees and legal expenses are normally accounted for in the final settlement and if there is going to be an exception, you will be told in advance.

We operate a service based on honesty and integrity. We are also caring and considerate. We do not like seeing victims of road traffic accidents receiving less than fair and adequate road traffic accident compensation, and if you would like to find out how we can help you get a fair settlement, you should call our free advice telephone service at your earliest convenience. 1800 989 995

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