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Public Liability in Ireland

If you are out shopping or enjoying a meal in a restaurant, and you have an accident due to somebody else´s negligence which results in an injury, you are entitled to claim for public liability compensation. All premises which are used by the public – and footpaths and roads maintained by the council – are required by law to have public liability insurance in case such an event happens. If you are hurt due to the action (or lack of action) of a corporation or individual, the laws of public liability compensation will apply.
There are many occasions where a public liability compensation claim could be made due to negligence. For example:-

  • If you suffer an injury in your car because of a missing manhole cover in the road
  • If you are shopping and slip on a wet floor due to a faulty refrigeration unit
  • If you are injured using poorly maintained equipment in a gym
  • If you trip on an unlit step in the grounds of a restaurant

If you do suffer such an accident which results in an injury, your first concern should be for your health. It is advisable to visit the accident and emergency department of your local hospital or make an appointment to see your family doctor to have any injury appropriately treated. Even when you feel that your injuries are minor, you should still have a precautionary examination as your attendance at a medical centre will be recorded in your medical history and used to support your claim for public liability compensation.

Making a Claim for Public Liability Compensation

Once you have had your injuries seen to by a doctor, it is advisable to speak with a solicitor before making a claim for public liability compensation. Although a claim for public liability compensation has to be initially processed through the Injuries Board Ireland, a solicitor will be able to assist you with the completion of the paperwork at a time when you may still be recovering from your traumatic experience. A solicitor will ensure that your claim for public liability compensation is comprehensively completed and includes elements that you may overlook in a shaken physical or emotional state. 

Furthermore, as your claim for public liability compensation will be paid by the negligent party´s insurance company, it is very likely that they will approach you with an offer of early settlement before the Injuries Board Ireland has made their assessment, and a solicitor will be able to ensure that you receive a fair and adequate amount for your injuries. Remember, an insurance company´s priorities are for their profits, so it is unlikely that an initial offer of settlement will be an appropriate amount.

If you have sustained an injury from an accident in a public place where somebody else was to blame – even partly – you are invited to call our free advice line to find out more about how the services of a specialised personal injury claims solicitor can be of benefit to you. Our free service will enable you to speak directly with an experienced solicitor who will offer helpful and practical advice about your entitlement for public liability compensation, and a preliminary assessment of your claim. You are under no obligation to proceed with a claim once you have spoken with us and all calls to our free advice line are treated with the strictest confidence.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

When you call our free advice telephone service, you will be speaking with a solicitor with many years experience in dealing with public liability compensation cases. We will ask you to tell us how your accident occurred, what injuries you sustained and how they were treated. This will help us establish whether you have a claim for public liability compensation which is worth your while to pursue.

If so, we will be able to explain to you the correct procedures to complete the Injuries Board application form – whether you are doing it by hand or online – and what documentation you need to attach. We would also discuss with you any implications such as ongoing treatment for your injuries or potential loss of earnings due to your injury and advise you how to integrate that into your claim for public liability compensation.

We should also be able to advise you on the various actions to take should a negligent party deny their responsibility for your injuries, if their insurance company approaches you with an offer of early settlement or if the Injuries Board Ireland fails to make an adequate assessment of the injuries you sustained. Other areas that may be brought into the conversation might be contributory negligence – where you have been partly responsible for your own injuries – or litigation if the negligent party should dispute the assessment by the Injuries Board Ireland.

We tend to end each initial conversation with a list of options for you to consider. They are not suggestions which you are obliged to act on or make a decision immediately, and you may wish to take a day or two to absorb the advice we have given you before deciding your next move.

However, your first move should be to pick up the telephone and dial 1800 989 995. Our lines are open between 8.00am and 10.00pm seven days a week, and if it is not a suitable time for you to speak with us right now, please leave your contact details in our call-back box below, and one of our helpful and friendly team can get back in touch with you when it is more convenient.

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