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Pub Injury Compensation

I recently sustained an injury at the pub which left me with severe spinal difficulties – how can I claim pub injury compensation?

You may be entitled to claim pub injury compensation if you have been the victim of an accident for which you are not entirely to blame. While you are on the premises, you should not expect to sustain an injury in a pub as you fall under the duty of care of the staff who should take all measures necessary to avoid the possibility of an accident occurring. If you sustain an injury as a result of an avoidable accident in a pub because of the negligence of staff, you may be entitled to make a claim to reflect the careless actions – or lack of action – of the pub. Before you make a claim for a pub injury, you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor to assess your claim and determine whether it is worth pursuing.

Prior to making a claim for pub injury compensation, your immediate priority should be that of your health. This should be done to prevent any further deterioration of your injury in a pub, as regardless of the amount of compensation you may receive for an injury, it will not be worth the impact that a long-term and avoidable condition could have upon your livelihood. Not only this, but a claim for a pub injury could be severely affected if it is determined that contributory negligence is a factor in your accident and injury if your injury became more severe due to a lack of immediate treatment. Making a claim for an accident in a pub will not be impossible in this scenario – however the amount of compensation you can claim can be reduced by a proportion to reflect your own lack of care.

Upon receiving medical treatment you can continue with your pub injury compensation claim by submitting an application to the injuries board. This is done by filling in Injuries Board Form A either online or through the post – although only through the post if a child has been injured – accompanied by Form B which features your doctor’s analysis of your injury in a pub. When this has been submitted, the Injuries Board will contact the negligent party as mentioned on the form, seeking their permission to continue with an assessment of your accident in a pub. If the negligent party provides their consent the Injuries Board will continue with an assessment of your claim for a pub injury and will provide a value for your injuries, which is to be accepted or rejected by you and the negligent party.

If accepted, your claim for a pub injury will soon be resolved once you receive the compensation as agreed upon. If rejected – or if the negligent party withholds their consent for an assessment to take place – you will be provided with an authorisation to pursue your claim through court, although it is likely that your claim for an injury in a pub could be settled before this comes to pass. As complications may arise for a claim after an accident in a pub, you are strongly advised to pursue compensation with the assistance of a solicitor who – upon assessing your accident – can represent your claim to pub injury compensation on your behalf.

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