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Playground Injury Compensation

I wish to claim playground injury compensation on behalf of my daughter after she fell from a slide and broke her leg, how can I determine negligence?

You may be entitled to claim playground injury compensation on behalf of a child if the negligence of a third party who owed her a duty of care resulted in her sustaining an injury for which she was not to blame. Children have accidents all the time – however this means precautions are essential to avoid an injury in a playground. If it can be determined that the careless actions – or lack of action – of a third party resulted in your daughter’s injury, you could be entitled to claim for a playground injury on her behalf. However determining negligence is not always easy, and for this reason a personal injury solicitor should always be contacted to assess your daughter’s accident in a playground.

Claiming playground injury compensation could be possible if the carelessness of a third party culminated in your daughter’s injury and this can be verified with evidence. To ensure that an accident in a playground does not happen, it may be required – for instance – for supervision to be provided if the playground is in a school. It may also be the situation that the local council owns the playground in question, in which case a claim for a playground injury can be initiated against the insurance policy of the council if the playground was not maintained to a safe standard. To assess your child’s injury in a playground and help determine liability for the accident, you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor to maximise the possibility of a successful claim.

Before considering playground injury compensation for your daughter, it is essential that you first seek immediate medical attention for her injuries. If necessary, an ambulance – and possibly the Gardaí – should have been called to the scene of the accident in a playground. This will ensure that your daughter’s injury in a playground is treated professionally and as early as possible, and that the circumstances of the accident are investigated appropriately. Even if her injuries did not appear to be overly serious at the time, you are still advised to pursue medical attention as not only do her injuries risk deteriorating, but a claim for a playground injury could be affected if you fail to seek professional treatment.

After suffering an accident in a playground, your child cannot initiate a claim to compensation until her eighteenth birthday, after which she has two years to make a claim. However a parent can make a claim for a playground injury before this, acting as a “next friend” on behalf of the child and ensuring that the appropriate compensation is received. While you may appear to have plenty of time to claim for an injury in a playground, you are advised to initiate a claim sooner rather than later, as memories can become unreliable and evidence may fade in time. For this reason a personal injury solicitor should always be consulted at the earliest opportunity in order to seek playground injury compensation.

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