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Important Personal Injury Information

Although information about personal injuries is abundant on the Internet, it is often more useful to speak with a solicitor about personal injury. Information relating to your specific type of accident may be vague, misleading or out of date and a specialist injury claims solicitor will have completely up-to-date personal injury information to offer.

There are also many different types of personal injury that you may suffer within the same category. A slip of fall may lead to a bad back for a while, but it could also cause neurological problems in the future due to a damaged spine, and between these two extremes are hundreds of other possible ailments.

Whatever the details of your personal injury, we offer a free advice line where you can speak to a solicitor in confidence and without obligation on 1-800 989 995

The Best Source of Personal Injury Information

The best source of personal injury information is indeed a solicitor. When you have experienced a trauma in an accident which was not your fault, friends and family are often quick to express their opinions. However, these may be third-party or embellished tales with no relation to your particular trauma. More maliciously, insurance companies may attempt to trap you with an amount of compensation which is inadequate for your needs.

To try to remove all the confusion about obtaining personal injury information, we have set up a free advice line, which you are welcome to call and receive free, helpful and accurate advice about compensation claims for personal injuries. Of course, this should only be done after you have received medical attention – not only because we will be able to make a better assessment of your case, but because your health must be your primary consideration when you have suffered an injury.

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Our Promise:

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What can I expect?

Because of the amount of personal injury information there is in cyberspace, we like to listen to you first. There may be pieces of information which you have picked up which we can confirm or correct, and because each case is unique and individual, we refrain from making assumptions about what happened – we need to hear it all from you.

Once our solicitors have heard the details of how the accident occurred, what injuries were sustained and what treatment you received, they will be in a better place to determine if there is a case which is worth your while to pursue.

If it is something that you feel you would like to proceed with, the solicitor will give you all the personal injury information you need to guide you through the procedures that are involved, as well as assessing the likelihood of your success and the length of time your case will take.

Once your case is further developed, it may be possible to give an indication of the general level of compensation you could expect to receive, but we are wary of doing that in the early stages of a claim in case complications in your health arise which significantly alter the focus of your compensation.

Getting accurate personal injury information starts with our free advice service on 1-800 989 995

If it is inconvenient to call right this minute, take a note of our number for later, or complete the call back form at the top of the page and one of our friendly – and informed – solicitors will be in touch.

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  • Helpful and courteous at all times
  • No legal jargon