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Personal Injury Claim in Ireland

You have a legal right to take a personal injury claim for compensation if your accident was even partially caused by the negligence of another person.

Often people don’t wish to “cause trouble” or go through the “hassle” of making a claim, but it is so important to remember that your injuries could very easily effect your ability to work now or in the future, and this could have an impact on your finances for the remainder of your life. This might sound dramatic, but the best way to protect yourself from possible loss is to discuss your accident with a personal injury claim solicitor at the earliest opportunity. The fact is, that an experienced solicitor will handle almost every aspect of your personal injury claim on your behalf in a hassle free professional manner.

Another reason to speak to an expert is that in many cases, people who make a personal injury claim settle for an amount that does not fully compensate them for their suffering or loss.

If you are looking for the best way to handle your personal injury claim, we can offer you the perfect solution because we are specialist personal injury claim solicitors, and operate a free advice line.

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What can I expect?

You will speak directly to a solicitor who is very experienced in dealing with all aspects of a personal injury claim, and who can answer all your questions and address all your concerns.

Normally people wish to know if their personal injury claim is valid, their chances of success, what award is likely to be made to them, and how long it will all take. These are all questions that can be usually answered once you talk through the details of what happened with an experienced solicitor who has many years experience dealing with personal injury claims in Ireland.

The result of the call is advice about what you should consider doing next.

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