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Occupational Skin Disease Claim

An occupational skin disease can happen in more lines of work than you might imagine. Hairdressers, healthcare workers and cleaners are particularly susceptible to dermatitis due to their frequent contact with chemicals. However an occupational skin disease can also affect workers in the construction industry, caterers, printers and people using fluids in car repair and metalworking. In fact, almost any employee in any occupation has the potential to contract an occupational skin disease.

Symptoms of Occupational Skin Disease

The symptoms of an occupational skin disease can range from a mild redness and itchiness of the skin to painful blisters, cracking of the skin and swelling of the affected area. Some occupational skin diseases will happen almost immediately when the employee comes in contact with the agent responsible for causing the ailment – others may take many weeks to develop.

One thing that has been acknowledged by the Health and Safety Executive is that every time you come into contact with whatever is causing your occupational skin disease, a minute amount of invisible damage is done to the skin, and over time will create a far more serious health issue than you may be experiencing at present.

Consequently, employers are bound by the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act (2007) to carry out risk assessments for occupational skin disease and to advise their workers how to look after their skin. In many industries where there is a risk of contracting an occupational skin disease, employers have to provide protective clothes, gloves, disposable hand towels and moisturisers and also make special arrangements for any young, pregnant or post-natal employees they expose to the risk of an occupational skin disease. Where they fail to do so, should you subsequently contract an occupational skin disease, you are entitled to claim for occupational skin disease compensation.

Making a Claim for Occupational Skin Disease Compensation

Before actually making a claim for occupational skin disease compensation, you should make an appointment to visit your local doctor´s surgery and have it confirmed that the reason you have acquired an occupational skin disease is indeed because of the nature of your work. It is also a good idea to see him as he may be able to recommend suitable medical treatment to alleviate the pain and reduce any swelling that you may be experiencing. Thereafter, it is advisable to speak with a solicitor.

There are many benefits of using a solicitor to assist with making a claim for occupational skin disease compensation. Primarily, they are experts in personal injury claims for compensation and will understand the procedures for making a claim for occupational skin disease compensation far better than if you are trying to do it yourself.

Furthermore, by using a solicitor you may be able to avoid a potential confrontation in the workplace, still proceed with a claim if your employer denies liability for your occupational skin disease and also ensure that you receive fair and adequate compensation for the trauma you have suffered.

In this respect, we have established a free advice telephone service which anybody suffering from an occupational skin disease is welcome to call and speak with one of our experienced solicitors.

Our solicitors will be able to answer any legal questions you may have about making a claim for occupational skin disease compensation and also offer helpful and impartial advice in respect of the best way to go about it. The call and the advice are free, and you are under no obligation to proceed with a claim once you have spoken with us.

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  • 100% This service is completely confidential
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What You Can Expect to Happen?

Our solicitors have over twenty years of experience in work related personal injury claims for compensation, and we understand both the pain you will be suffering from your injuries and possibly the worry of approaching a solicitor to sue your boss.

Please be assured that we are exceptionally discrete when it comes to dealing with employers, and you will find us sympathetic of your potential dilemma and resourceful when it comes to dealing with it.

Our solicitors will need to know how you acquired your occupational skin disease and what treatment your doctor recommended for it. We would also like to know how your ailment has affected your quality of life outside of work – with your family and socially.

You may include any questions that you have in any stage of the conversation, and if there are any points that you do not fully understand, please ask us to repeat them. We want to make sure that all our advice gets across.

Wherever possible, we will make a preliminary assessment of your claim for occupational skin disease compensation and let you know if there is a case which it is worth your while to pursue. If so, we can also advise you how long the case is likely to take and the likelihood of your success.

As mentioned above, you are under no obligation to make a claim once you have spoken to us and we do not expect a decision immediately. Many of our clients prefer to take a couple of days to think things over or discuss the advice we have offered with family members.

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