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Occupational Injury Claim

Occupational injuries are those which are acquired in the course of your job. They may be physical injuries – such as machine worker being injured whilst using a faulty machine – or a prescribed occupational disease, which can fall into three categories: –

  • Physical – such as carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury or mesothelioma  (from working with asbestosis)
  • Biological – such as viral hepatitis (from infected blood) or glanders (from working with equine carcasses)
  • Chemical – such as poisoning, angiosarcoma of the liver or osteolysis of the fingers (from working with vinyl chloride monomer)

Irrespective of the type of occupational injury you suffer, where they are due to a failure by your employer to implement health and safety regulations, and provide adequate protection for his employees, victims of occupational injuries are entitled to make an occupational injury compensation claim.

Your priority when suffering an occupational injury (or starting to feel ill for no other reason) is to visit the accident and emergency department of your local hospital or make an appointment to see your family doctor. During your medical consultation it is important that you advise the medical practitioner what it is that you do for a living because, other than in quite obvious physical injuries, the link to your illness and employment may not be immediately apparent. Once a link has been established, and there is evidence to suggest that your employer has not provided a safe working environment for you to work in, you should consult a solicitor about making an occupational injury compensation claim.

Making an Occupational Injury Compensation Claim

The ease of making an occupational injury compensation claim may depend on your specific occupational injury and your employer´s willingness to accept liability. Although in many instances, negligence by an employer may be clear, whether they chose to admit responsibility for the accident which led to your occupational injuries is another matter.

Furthermore, it is unlikely that an irresponsible employer is going to accept a compensation assessment made by the Injuries Board Ireland unless it is relatively small – and that means it may not fully compensate you for the physical and psychological trauma you have suffered.

A very high percentage of people making an occupational injury compensation claim choose to use a specialist solicitor to assist them with their claim. Not only does it make sense that an experienced personal injury claims solicitor will know the procedures involved with making an occupational injury compensation claim, but you may actually feel embarrassed about suing an employer with whom you may have developed a relationship over a period of time. Nonetheless, a solicitor will be able to guide you along the right path to ensure that you get a fair and adequate award for your occupational injury compensation claim and, as their fees are paid for by the liable party, using the services of a solicitor is usually free.

To help people find out more about the benefits of using a solicitor when making an occupational injury compensation claim, we have set up a free advice telephone service on 1800 989 995

This service enables victims of occupational injuries to call and speak with one of solicitors, ask questions about their eligibility to claim and receive helpful and practical advice. There is no obligation to proceed with an occupational injury compensation claim once you have spoken with a solicitor and all calls to this service are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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Our Promise:

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What You Can Expect When You Call

Our solicitors have many years of dealing with industrial illnesses, occupational injuries and accidents at work, however each case is unique and we would like you to start at the beginning and explain what it is you do for a living, how your accident happened and what injuries you sustained.

We would also like to know how your injuries have affected your quality of life in relation to your work, family and social life, and how you believe your employer may have been negligent and responsible for your injuries.

You are free to ask as many questions as you want and often these open avenues into areas that may not have previously been considered. Often it is best to write a list of questions before you call us in order that every point you are concerned about is covered.

Wherever possible, our solicitor will try to assess your occupational injury compensation claim to see if there is a case which it is worth your while to pursue. If so, we will offer suggestions on how you can proceed and give you a list of your options.

Frequently, employer´s insurance companies may approach you with an offer of early settlement and our solicitor can advise whether this offer equates to the level of compensation they would expect you to receive from an occupational injury compensation claim.

You are under no obligation to follow any of our advice, and no pressure will be put on you to make an occupation injury compensation claim. However, the State´s occupation injury scheme may not provide a sufficient amount to provide for you and your family and we believe that if an employer is responsible for threatening your quality of life, he should at least make amends.

Therefore, we would recommend that you call our free advice service at your earliest possible opportunity. At the very least you will find out whether you are entitled to make a viable occupation injury compensation claim, but you should discover a lot more. Our lines are open on 1800 989 995 from 8.00am to 10.00pm and if it is not a convenient time to call right now, please leave your contact details in our call-back box below and one of our friendly and helpful team will be back in touch.

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