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Compensation for Nursing Negligence in Ireland

Compensation for nursing negligence can be claimed in Ireland, although nursing negligence compensation claims have potential to become highly complicated. Nursing negligence compensation claims can only be proven with the expert testimony of medical experts, who must determine that any mistakes which have been made could have been avoided by a competent nurse, under the circumstances. An experienced nursing negligence compensation solicitor is in the best position to arrange for medical experts to be consulted to help substantiate any claim for nursing negligence in Ireland.

Nursing Negligence and the Health Service Authority in Ireland

Nurses perform an invaluable service in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and in nursing homes up and down the country. Nurses are often the unsung heroes in the Health Service Authority, and their role is often underappreciated. The majority of nurses always perform their duties with the utmost level of care, have a real passion for the job and take great pride in helping patients recover from illness.

However nurses are not infallible, and any nurse may make mistakes which lead to a patient in their charge sustaining an injury. When the actions or omissions of a nurse result in a patient’s medical condition deteriorating or an injury being sustained, it may be classed as nursing negligence and a claim for nursing negligence compensation can be made.

Eligibility to Claim Compensation for Nursing Negligence

Nursing negligence is a form of medical negligence, and the same criteria apply when making a claim for compensation. In order for a victim of nursing negligence to be eligible to make a claim for nursing negligence compensation in Ireland, they must have suffered an injury, or been harmed by the actions or inaction of a nurse, or had a medical condition deteriorate as a direct result of the care provided by a nurse. It must also be proven that a competent and attentive nurse would not have made the same mistake under the same circumstances, and that the injury to a patient could have been avoided if an alternative course of action was taken.

Examples of Nursing Negligence

Cutbacks to Health Service Authority funding places nurses under increasing pressure, and they are required to work with ever decreasing resources. Many hospitals are frequently short staffed which leads to an excessive workload being placed on nurses. However, even under these circumstances the standard of care that is provided must still not fall below an acceptable standard. When the level of care falls, and a patient suffers as a result, it can be nursing negligence and compensation for injuries can be claimed.

Nursing negligence can take many forms, of which the most frequent cases of nursing negligence are detailed below:

  • Failing to take reasonable action to prevent an injury to a patient
  • Failing to recognise that a patient’s condition is deteriorating
  • Incorrect administration of medication
  • Failing to provide prescribed medication to a patient
  • Causing an injury to a patient by improper use of equipment
  • Failure to follow acceptable nursing standards
  • A poor level of patient care
  • Failure to document patient symptoms or the medicine administered
  • Failing to follow the recommendations of a doctor
  • Habitual errors made in daily duties
  • Communication errors

Only when an error of judgement directly caused a patient to come to harm, will the patient concerned be eligible to claim compensation for nursing negligence.

Free Legal Advice on Nursing Negligence Compensation Claims

Nursing negligence compensation claims are resolved by the Irish courts if not previously resolved by negotiation, and are not dealt with by the Injuries Board Ireland. All nursing negligence claims therefore require legal representation by a medical negligence solicitor. A medical negligence solicitor will also be able to maximise the chances of achieving an out of court settlement for nursing negligence in Ireland without the need to litigate through the Irish courts.

Involving an Irish medical negligence solicitor with experience of nursing negligence claims at the earliest possible stage will help to ensure that compensation is awarded in the shortest possible time frame.

If you believe you or a loved one has suffered an injury or a deterioration in health due to nursing negligence, you should call our nursing negligence claims helpline for advice. Our solicitors will asses a claim for nursing negligence compensation, will advise you what you need to do next and will answer any questions you have about the compensation claims process in Ireland.

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