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Motorbike Accident in Ireland

A motorbike accident in Ireland is most likely to occur on a motorway or country lane than in a built-up area according to figures published by the Road Safety Authority. Because you are likely to be travelling at a far faster speed, this leads to the risk of sustaining more serious injuries when involved in a motorbike accident.

Ireland has an excellent road system and some beautiful country lanes, but frequently drivers of other vehicles neglect to show appropriate care when manoeuvring their own vehicles and this can lead to a motorbike accident. Ireland also has a fine ambulance service, and they should be called immediately in the event of any road traffic accident, even when you believe you are not seriously injured.

Studies have shown that when you have sustained injuries from any type of accident, your body produces adrenaline which masks some of the pain you would normally feel. You may also be in shock – another reason why you may not realise how badly you are hurt – and it is essential that you visit a hospital or doctor´s surgery to seek some treatment for injuries received in a motorbike accident. Ireland has some very hard roads, and when you hit these at speed, you may suffer spinal injuries which may not become apparent for several days.

Claiming for a Motorbike Accident in Ireland

When you are not to blame for your motorbike accident, Ireland allows citizens to sue for compensation against the negligent party. This may be a driver who turned left in front of you, a local authority who should have better maintained their roads, or even the local garage who fitted your brakes incorrectly after a service.

Pillion passengers may also sue if they have sustained injuries in the motorbike accident, and it is normally the insurance company of the person or persons responsible who make payment for your motobike accident. Ireland unfortunately has a number of insurance companies who try to make early offers of settlement and although a short-term sum of money may be welcome in the current economic climate, you may further suffer further trauma if your injuries take longer than anticipated to heal and you are unable to work.

In order to ensure that victims of motorbike accidents in Ireland receive fair and adequate compensation payments, we have established a free advice telephone service. This service allows you to speak with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor who can offer you helpful and accurate advice about the best way to make a claim for your motorbike accident. Ireland also has a dedicated claims procedure – administered by the Injuries Board Ireland – which our solicitor can explain about and guide you through the system. You are also welcome to ask any questions you like related to your motorbike accident in Ireland and receive a free assessment of your case with no obligation.

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Our solicitors have plenty of experience in giving advice over the telephone to people who may still be distressed or in pain as a result of their motorbike accident. Therefore, you are treated courteously and professionally at all times.

Our solicitor will listen carefully as you tell them about your accident, and will ask questions about the injuries that you suffered, the treatment you received and any ongoing problems that you are experiencing.

Please feel free to ask as many questions as you have to. Sometimes, it is better to have them written down before you call. Our solicitor will answer each one as accurately as possible.

Once all the facts of your motorbike accident in Ireland are known, our solicitor will make an assessment of your case, advise you if they feel that you have cause to claim for compensation and how long the process should take.

If you choose to proceed with a claim for compensation (and you do not need to decide straight away), they will guide you through the procedures involved and start to prepare your case.

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