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Injury at Work Compensation Claims

If you have been injured at work in an accident which was not entirely your fault, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Where an employer has shown a lack of care, or acted negligently in the upkeep of the work environment, you are entitled to claim for being injured at work.

Compensation will depend on the extent of the injury and if you had any part in creating the accident yourself. If a claim is handled through a solicitor, it may prevent animosity between you and the employer in the future.

Your first priority should be to seek medical attention. No amount of compensation for being injured at work will make up for suffering a permanent disability or long term health issues which could have been prevented by timely medical attention. If your accident in the workplace is not attended by paramedics, you should visit the accident and emergency department of your local hospital or make an appointment to see your family doctor as soon as possible.

Compensation for Being Injured at Work

In order to claim compensation for being injured at work, you will need a copy of your medical records and a copy of your employer´s Accident Report Book which shows an entry relating to you being injured at work. Claims for compensation are then sent to the Injuries Board Ireland for assessment, although your employer´s insurance company may also make an approach to you with an offer of early settlement.

It is best to treat these early offers of settlement for being injured at work with suspicion. The reason that an insurance company is making its approach is because it feels it may be saving money if the Injury Board assessment is higher, or you dispute the assessment and the case has to go to court. By accepting their offer, or taking the Injury Board’s assessment without due consideration for your long term financial security, you may find yourself in a situation where your compensation for being injured at work is insufficient to support yourself and your family.

The procedures involved in making a claim after being injured at work and compensation awards are the main reasons that people seeking compensation for being injured at work choose to use the services of a solicitor. Furthermore, a solicitor is on your side, whereas the Injuries Board is just an administrative office, and an insurance company will consider their profits before your wellbeing.

If you would like to discuss your options with a personal injury claims solicitor – free of charge and without obligation – please call our free advice telephone service. This will give you the opportunity to put your questions to an experienced solicitor and for you to receive valuable and helpful advice.

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What can I expect?

One of the most important aspects that is often forgotten by other services is that you have just been involved in an accident. This will have left you in physical pain and possibly psychological trauma. Therefore, you will find us understanding and considerate when talking about a compensation claim for being injured at work.

Our solicitor will ask you to explain how the accident happened, what injuries you sustained and how you believe that your employer is liable. You may also ask as many questions as you wish to find out more about claiming compensation when you have been injured at work.

We will assess your claim and try to determine the likelihood of your success. We will let you know if your compensation claim for being injured at work is worth your while to pursue, how long it should take and the general level of compensation we would expect you to receive.

When you have been injured at work, compensation can be slow to come through sometimes, and if you would like us to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, we would be happy to do so. Approximately one third of claims are settled in this way – even before the Injuries Board Ireland has made their assessment.

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