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Industrial Disease Claim

The term ”industrial disease” implies by its name that it relates to illnesses acquired in mills and mines a century ago. In fact, industrial diseases are a very modern problem and inasmuch as industrial disease does still exist in the industries mentioned above – particularly in the forms of byssinosis and ankylostomiasis – greater health and safety precautions are in place to protect employees in these industries.

An industrial disease in the 21st Century is more likely to occur in a factory or office, with instances of hand arm vibration syndrome and repetitive strain injuries responsible for the greatest number of compensation claims for an industrial disease. However, working with animals, chemicals and road building materials can lead to industrial disease claims where an employer has failed to maintain a safe working environment for his employees under the regulations stated in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act (2007).

Should you feel that you have contracted an industrial disease, you should make an appointment to visit your family doctor at the earliest possible opportunity. It is in your best interests to tell the doctor what you do for a living as many industrial diseases may be obscured by other medical conditions, and you will need an accurate diagnosis if you wish to make a claim for industrial disease compensation.

Making a Claim for Industrial Disease Compensation

Making a claim for industrial disease compensation is best done with the assistance of a specialist personal injury claims solicitor. Not only is there the health issue of certain industrial diseases being masked by other ailments, many of them may take many years to manifest – during which time an employer may have changed his work practices and dispute liability for your industrial disease.

Furthermore, when an employer is prepared to accept responsibility for your industrial disease, his insurance company will often intercede with an offer of early settlement. Although the opportunity for a short-term financial boost may be welcome at a time when you are unable to work and may have ongoing medical expenses, an experienced personal injury claims solicitor will be able to advise you if their offer is an appropriate amount for your particular industrial disease.

In order to provide victims of industrial disease easy access to an experienced solicitor, we have established a free advice service.

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Our solicitors have over twenty years experience of dealing with work injuries and industrial diseases and have yet to come across two the same. Therefore, we would ask you to explain to us what it is that you do for a living, what industrial disease you have contracted and what medical treatment you have received.

You may still be undergoing treatment or be suffering the effects of your industrial disease, so we will explain everything clearly and concisely throughout. We welcome questions, and if there is anything you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask us to go over that particular piece of information again.

We will try wherever possible to assess your claim for industrial disease compensation, to gauge how strong it is and if the claim is worth your while pursuing. As mentioned above, you are under no obligation to proceed with a claim and we understand if you need time to determine your next move.

We also understand that many people are apprehensive about making a claim for industrial disease compensation against an employer – particularly during a period of economic uncertainty: however, by using a solicitor to make the claim on your behalf, you may avoid any potential confrontation in the workplace.

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