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Work Injury From Inadequate Training Claim

Whatever occupation you are in, your employer has a responsibility to ensure that you are trained to perform your role competently, considerately and safely. That training does not begin and end on the day you start work and are shown how to operate a machine – it continues throughout your employment and with every change in your working environment. Should you suffer an injury through not having an adequate level of training provided, you are entitled to make an inadequate training injury compensation claim.

Whereas the operation of machinery is a fine illustration of where adequate training is important, an inadequate training injury compensation claim can also arise when new procedures are introduced – even health and safety ones – without being fully explained. An example would be where ergonomic equipment is put in place in an office to prevent repetitive strain injury and nobody is trained in how to utilise it effectively.

Where you have sustained an injury through inadequate training, you priority should be to seek medical attention. Even when you believe that your injury is minor, a precautionary examination by a doctor will eliminate the possibilities of long term health issues and no matter what award you receive from a training injury compensation claim, it will never make up for a life-long disability that could have been prevented by timely medical intervention.

Making an Inadequate Training Injury Compensation Claim

Making an inadequate training injury compensation claim can be fraught with difficulties. Many employers may assume that skills you have acquired in a previous job released them of any responsibility for your training and consequently (and incorrectly) they will deny responsibility. They may also believe that you had some part to play in causing the incident which led to the injury and therefore try to shift the blame onto you.

Whatever excuse your employer uses, there are none to absolve him from his “duty of care” for his employees. However, it is always a good idea to use the services of a specialist personal injury claims solicitor when making an inadequate training injury compensation claim, as a solicitor will be aware of all the methods used by an employer and his insurance company to avoid admitting negligence when you have suffered an injury.

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Whenever anybody suffers an injury through inadequate training, the first question we ask is “how could this happen?” Therefore, we would like you to tell us the circumstances surrounding your injury, what treatment you have received and how the injury could have been prevented with proper training.

We would also like to know how your injury has affected your quality of life. This may not only be your social life, but interaction with your family and, if you are intending to return to work (or have already returned), how you are coping in the aftermath of your injury.

You are welcome to ask as many questions as you wish throughout our conversation. Generally such questions help us to assess your case and enable us to advise you whether there is an inadequate training injury compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue.

We can also let you know how long your claim would take to process, the likelihood of its success and, wherever possible, we will advise you of a general level of inadequate training injury compensation you could expect to receive.

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