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Hospital Injury Compensation

A hospital injury, when non-medically related (ie a fall in a passageway), is treated in exactly the same way as if it had happened anywhere else – in the street, in a bar or in a shop – and is not classified as medical or hospital negligence, just as what it is – a hospital injury.

Amongst the many different reasons for an accident to occur in a public building, a hospital injury can occur through slipping on a wet surface, tripping on an uneven floor or being hit by a gurney.

Where there has been an element of negligence in any of these events, it is possible to claim compensation for your hospital injury. It is irrelevant whether you are just visiting the hospital, are a patient receiving treatment or indeed work in the hospital, where there has been a lack of care by somebody else which has led you to sustain a hospital injury, you are entitled to sue.

Claiming Compensation for a Hospital Injury

A hospital, as well as insuring its medical staff, will have public liability insurance. It is the company providing the public liability insurance policy who will put pressure on you to accept an early settlement of compensation for your hospital injury – sometimes whilst still laying in your hospital bed!

It is really in your best interests to consult with a personal injury solicitor before agreeing to any such arrangement, as public liability insurance companies are not renowned for their generosity, and frequently may make an offer of compensation before all the consequences of your hospital injury are known.

We have opened a free telephone advice linefor anybody who has sustained an injury whilst in a hospital. This will enable you to discuss your hospital injury with a specialist personal injury claims solicitor, and receive helpful and accurate advice to help you decide whether you should make a claim for hospital injury compensation. There is no obligation on you to follow any of our recommendations, but you may discover you are entitled to additional elements of compensation than you had not previously considered.

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What You Can Expect?

When you call our free advice service, you will speak with an experienced injury claims solicitor familiar with the type of accidents that occur in public buildings. They will ask you to explain the circumstances surrounding your accident, what injuries you sustained and what treatment you received.

Our solicitor will also need to know if there were witnesses to your hospital injury, whether the hospital has already admitted liability and if their insurance company has approached you yet with an offer of compensation. Further information such as how this has affected you ability to work or care for your family may be needed or, if you were at patient in the hospital, how this hospital injury affected your original cause for admission.

We will try to establish if there is a good case for hospital injury compensation at the earliest possible opportunity, and advise you of the likelihood of success for such a claim and the length of time it will take. If you have any questions, or there is anything you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask us.

More often than not, we will give you a selection of options to consider. You do not have to think about them straight away and are under no obligation to act on our recommendations. However, it is better to file a claim as soon as the full extent of your hospital injuries are known and while the incident is still fresh in the memories of witnesses.

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