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Hospital Injury Claims

In Irish hospitals there are hundreds of reported cases of negligence each year, many leading to hospital claims. Although treatment received in hospitals is mostly beneficial, and carried out to a high standard, the State Claims Agency, which run a clinical indemnity scheme for hospitals, pay out nearly €50 million for hospital claims each year. The average compensation award for hospital claims is €63,000.

How do Hospital Claims arise?

The State Claims Agency estimate there are an average of 15,000 slips, trips, and falls in Irish hospitals every year. Many of these lead to hospital claims, with some patients sustaining multiple injuries.

Hospital claims are taken for many reasons. Slips and trips account for around 40%, and the balance of hospital claims arise for other reasons. Examples include errors due to inadequate training, poor documentation, failure to keep up with modern techniques, misreading of medical charts or drug information sheets. There are also various treatment incidents, such as when a foreign object, like a swab, is left inside a patient after surgery.

How do I know if I should make a Hospital Claim?

When things go wrong, it can be hard for a patient or their loved ones to accept that human failure is a fact of life. Most of us do not like visiting hospital, but when we have to go, we put ourselves in the hands of professionals, and rightly expect them to do their best.

Often hospital claims for compensation would not even arise if health professionals did not act defensively and close ranks when an error is made. Most people simply want an explanation and an apology, but patients and their relatives are often forced to take the hospital claims route to get answers.

If you or a loved one have been left with some form of personal injury from a hospital visit, then the legal process to make your hospital claim is straightforward. However, hospital claims are often extremely complex and will require a high level of expertise from your hospital claims legal team.

We have many years of experience in dealing with hospital and medical negligence claims, and can therefore provide you with the expert advice and guidance you need.

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When you call us, you will be put through to a solicitor who is very experienced in dealing with hospital claims. Our solicitor will listen to you as you tell them about your incident in complete confidence.

We can normally tell you quickly if your case is worth pursuing, what may be involved in the hospital claims process, and most importantly, what you need to do next.

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Example Hospital Claim Awards

Our team can also tell you the general level of compensation for hospital claims, and if there are likely to be any costs involved. The State Claims Agency says that the average hospital claims award in Ireland is currently €63,000. Depending on the severity of the case, settlements can be far higher, for example:

In May 2010, the family of Miriam Jackson of Navan in County Meath, received a €564,000 hospital negligence settlement following her death in September 2004 in Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan, two weeks after being admitted. (The hospital admitted liability in the case.)

In April 2010, Evan Doyle, of Cartron View, Sligo, was awarded  €4.5 million compensation payment for cerebral palsy, that was the result of alleged hospital negligence during his birth at Sligo General Hospital. (The Health Service Executive did not admit liability in the case.)

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