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Fell in Pothole Compensation

I wish to claim fell in pothole compensation for the injuries I have sustained, and I was wondering how much compensation I should receive?

The amount of fell in pothole compensation to which you should be entitled will depend upon the specific circumstances of your accident and injury. It is important to note that no two amounts of compensation following an injury from falling in a pothole will be exactly alike, as no two claims are identical. While plaintiffs often wonder how much they can claim after a falling in a pothole accident, it is important to realise that various elements will influence your final compensation amount, which varies from person to person. To receive an accurate figure of the compensation you can claim, you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity to assess your claim for falling in a pothole and should consider the following elements:-

  • Your fell in pothole compensation should begin with general damages for the injuries you have sustained, their severity and the impact they are likely to have in the long-term. This figure will then be adjusted to consider your age, general state of health before your falling in a pothole accident and – in some circumstances – your gender. This means a young healthy female could be entitled to more compensation than a 60-year-old male who drinks heavily.
  • Your claim for falling in a pothole will then consider special damages for your injury, which should return your finances to as though your injury never occurred. This is achieved by providing compensation for the expenses you have incurred such as medical costs for your injury from falling in a pothole, the cost of alternative transport and the cost of refitting your home if required, as well as compensation for any lost income.
  • Loss of amenity will be considered in your fell in pothole compensation, which will be included according to any deterioration you have suffered in your quality of life since your accident. This could include – for instance – compensation for any everyday task you can no longer perform on account of your injury from falling in a pothole – such as driving the car to the shop – or due to any inability to partake in social or leisure activities because of your injury.
  • Your claim for falling in a pothole can also consider psychological damage if it can be verified by a qualified psychiatrist. This could have occurred as a direct result of the nature of your falling in a pothole accident or due to any stress and anxiety you have developed because of your accident.

You should also be wary of potential direct offers of compensation for your claim for falling in a pothole being made by the insurance company of the negligent party. This may appear to be a highly welcome development – however they are frequently made without a full assessment of your injury from falling in a pothole being performed and very often they do not accurately reflect the full extent of your accident and injuries. Should an inadequate offer of compensation for your falling in a pothole accident be accepted, you will be unable to return and seek more – even if you do not have enough to support your family or pay medical expenses. For this reason, any direct offers of fell in pothole compensation should not be accepted without first consulting a personal injury solicitor.

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