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Factory Injury Compensation Claim

If you have suffered an injury at a factory in which you work, you may be entitled to a factory injury compensation claim if it is found that your employer has been negligent in his duty of care towards his employees.

A factory injury compensation claim could be due to a faulty or poorly maintained piece of equipment, a lack of training on how to use it, failure to keep the premises in a safe condition or a lack of protection against any element of working in a factory – for example, a high level of noise.

The most important factor when considering a factory injury compensation claim is that you have, in fact, sustained an injury. Your priority should be to seek medical advice as soon as possible if your injury has not been sufficiently severe to have a medic called to the scene. What you may consider to be insignificant, and not worth the bother of troubling a doctor for, could develop into something more serious over time. For the sake of fifteen minutes in a doctor´s waiting room, you could avoid life-long health issues.

You should also ensure that your accident is reported to a supervisor or member of management, and that it is recorded in your employer´s “Accident Report Book”. This, with the entry in your medical history showing your visit to the doctor, will be used to support your case when you make a factory injury compensation claim.

Making a Factory Injury Compensation Claim

Your factory injury compensation claim is usually dealt with initially by the Injuries Board of Ireland. They will assess the “value” of your injury based on the figures published in the “Book of Quantum” together with an allowance to cover any out-of-pocket expenses. This assessment is passed to your employer´s insurance company for their approval.

There are several elements in this procedure that you have to be aware of. First, your employer has to accept liability for your injuries in order for the Injuries Board to process your factory injury compensation claim. Thereafter the insurance company has to approve the Injuries Board assessment or approach you with their own offer of settlement. Moreover, the Injuries Board is an administrative body, with no concern of whether their assessment of your factory injury compensation claim is sufficient to compensate fully for the trauma you have experienced, and which is possibly ongoing.

This is why 90% of people considering a factory injury compensation claim choose to use the assistance of a personal injury claims solicitor. We have established a free telephone advice service to help people who have sustained an injury at work find out exactly what they are entitled to claim. The call and the advice are both free, and you are under no obligation once you have spoken with us to proceed with a claim.

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We understand that a lot of people are sensitive about making a factory injury compensation claim against their employer at a time when the economic future may be uncertain. Using our solicitors to help with that claim will reduce the risk damaging your working relationship.

We also appreciate that you have just been through a physical and emotional trauma of some magnitude and you will find the service we provide both courteous and re-assuring. Many of our clients have expressed how at ease they were about dealing with a solicitor once they had spoken with us.

Our solicitors will listen diligently while you explain the circumstances surrounding your accident, the injuries you sustained and how your injuries were treated. We will ask you why you feel that you employer was negligent in your factory injury compensation claim.

We will assess your case and advise you whether we believe that you have grounds to make a factory injury compensation claim that is worth your while to pursue. We will offer suggestions in respect of how you could proceed and leave you with a series of options.

You can discuss these options with your family or friends and come back to us should you still wish to make a factory injury compensation claim. Our solicitor will be happy to guide you through the procedures in order to ensure you receive a fair and adequate settlement.

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