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Compensation Claims for Cycling Accidents

Cycling accidents happen most frequently in built up areas, when the driver of a car, bus or lorry has paid insufficient attention to the traffic around them prior to manoeuvring their vehicle. It is very rare that a cyclist instigates a cycling accident ,and there is a large imbalance between the damage that can be caused by a cyclist and that caused by a heavy goods vehicle. Consequently, many cycling accidents result in the cyclist suffering serious injury due to somebody else´s “lack of care”.

Injuries sustained in cycling accidents should be treated with the greatest care. Although no more than a graze or cut to the arm may be apparent, the impact to the spine from a fall onto a hard surface at speed may result in long term health issues. Therefore it is essential that an ambulance be called to the scene of a cycling accident and the Gardai informed. Even when your injuries seem insignificant, you should still attend a hospital or your doctor´s surgery at the earliest possible opportunity for the sake of your health, as well as having evidence of a medical consultation in the event that you proceed with a claim for compensation.

Claiming Cycling Accident Compensation

In cycling accidents where somebody else was even partially to blame, the cyclist is entitled to make a cycling accident claim for compensation against the negligent driver or party. For whereas 70% of cycling accidents involve motor vehicles, serious accidents can also be caused by a pedestrian walking into the road without paying due attention and poorly maintained roads and cycle paths developing pot holes and sunken gullies. Irrespective of who is to blame for your injuries, it is advisable to consult a specialist personal injury claims solicitor prior to making a claim for cycling accident compensation.

We offer the opportunity for cyclists involved in cycling accidents to speak directly with a specialist injury claims solicitor via our free advice telephone service Our solicitors are able to offer practical and helpful advice, and comprehensively cover any angle relating to your cycling accident. Their advice is offered free of charge and without any obligation to proceed with a claim, however they are excellent at sorting out issues where you may have received conflicting advice from family and friends.

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What can I expect?

Despite improvements in road safety in Ireland, cycling accidents have the potential for causing the most serious accidents amongst road users. Therefore we appreciate that you may be shocked or a little disorientated after your cycling accident.

Our solicitors will listen to the circumstances surrounding you cycling accident, and assess how strong the case is and whether it is worth your while to proceed with a claim for accident compensation.

If you choose to proceed with a claim, our solicitors will explain the procedure to you, advise you how long it is likely to take, and offer an opinion on your chances of success. During the initial telephone conversation, it is unlikely that they will be able to provide accurate figures of how much compensation you may be entitled to in respect of your cycling accident, but they may be able to offer a guide.

The decision is yours about whether you wish to proceed with a claim once you have all the relevant information, but in order to familiarise yourself with your entitlement we recommend that you give our free advice line a call on 1800 989 995

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