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Compensation for Car Crashes

Car crashes are an inconvenience to us all. They most frequently happen around the rush hour periods so, even when you are not directly involved in the accident, you are going to be delayed either getting to work or getting home afterwards. For those directly involved in car crashes, the consequences can be far worse than inconvenience. Injuries sustained in car crashes can be life threatening or permanently debilitating. Car crashes can cause the victim to lose their leg or even their life – and cause immeasurable grief to family or friends.

Statistics issued by the Road Safety Authority show that in recent years, almost 90% of car crashes are caused by driver error – either speeding, failing to obey a traffic signal or mistiming a manoeuvre. The terrible thing about car crashes is that there are nearly always innocent victims. Other drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians can all suffer severe injury through the recklessness or negligence of an individual, and this is why we have compensation for car crashes.

Compensation for Car Crashes

Compensation for car crashes is reliant on a number of factors. Most influential are the figures published in the “Book of Quantum” – a guide to levels of compensation relating to the different type of injuries sustained in car crashes and their severity. Although this is a fairly good basis for a car crash compensation claim, it makes no allowance for the age of the victim and whether they are responsible for providing a family´s income or not. Consequently if, as the victim of a car crash, you are approached by the negligent party´s insurance company, offering a compensation settlement based solely on these guidelines, you should consult a solicitor.

Personal injury claims solicitors have to regularly deal with the consequences of car crashes. Whereas you have hopefully only been involved in one, they are experienced in how to ensure that a fair and adequate settlement is agreement, not just to cover the physical and psychological trauma resulting from a car crash, but also to take into account the other “out-of-pocket” expenses.

Victims of car crashes are sometimes misled over exactly what they are entitled to receive and confused by conflicting advice offered by well-meaning friends and relations. Therefore, in order that you may receive impartial, practical and accurate advice, we have established a free advice telephone service.This service puts you directly in touch with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor who will guide you through your entitlement to car crash compensation and answer any questions that you may have.

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What Else You Should Know

Car crashes are emotionally draining as well as physically painful events. Our solicitors are aware of this and will treat you with the utmost kindness and consideration when you call.

We will ask you to explain the circumstances around your car crash, what injuries you received and how they were treated. We will also invite you to ask any questions you may have, and often it is better to write everything down beforehand so that you do not forget something you really wanted to know.

Our solicitor will try to make an initial assessment in respect of the merits of your case and whether you have a car crash claim for compensation which it is worth your while to pursue. Even though our service is free of charge, you are under no obligation to accept any of our proposals or move forward with any of our suggestions.

If you do choose to proceed, we will prepare a comprehensive case for your claim and guide you through each of the procedures involved along the way. If ever you do not fully understand any of the advice being offered to you, please do not hesitate to ask – it is far better for us to explain something twice than for you to proceed (or not) with a claim under the wrong impression.

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