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Burger King Accident Injury Compensation

I have been offered €2,000 for Burger King accident injury compensation but this does not seem to be enough for a shattered arm – how can I tell?

Whether €2,000 represents a fair amount of Burger King accident injury compensation depends entirely upon the unique circumstances surrounding your accident and injury. It may be the situation that €2,000 is entirely fair compensation for your accident in Burger King or it could be completely inadequate for your requirements. Either way you are advised to first consult a personal injury solicitor to assess your claim and determine the amount of compensation to which you are entitled for your injury in Burger King. By doing so, you will significantly improve the likelihood that your claim for a Burger King accident will be resolved with an appropriate amount of compensation.

Your Burger King accident injury compensation can comprise of a number of key elements: the first will be general damages which provide compensation for the nature, severity and impact of your injury, which is then adjusted to consider your age, gender and general health prior to your accident. Special damages will then consider the expenses you have incurred because of your injury in Burger King as well as any income you have lost as a result of being unable to work, and will ensure that financially you are no worse off than before your accident occurred. The next aspect of your claim for a Burger King accident will be loss of amenity, which will compensate for any deterioration you have suffered in your quality of life as a direct result of your injuries, such as being unable to perform everyday tasks or partake in social activities. Finally your compensation could also consider any psychological damage you have sustained since your accident in Burger King, provided it can be verified by a qualified psychiatrist.

However your Burger King accident injury compensation can be affected by contributory negligence. This may be the situation if you are considered to be at least partially liable for your accident or injury in Burger King, resulting in a deduction in the compensation you may be able to claim. This could occur – for example – if your accident in Burger King occurred after you ignored a warning sign alerting you of a hazard which existed, or if you neglected to seek immediate medical attention following your injuries. Making a claim for a Burger King accident will still be possible in this scenario – however the compensation you can claim may be reduced to reflect the extent of your own carelessness.

You should also be wary of the possibility that the insurance company of Burger King is attempting to reduce your overall compensation for an accident in Burger King in an effort to save on their own money. It is important to remember that such offers are frequently made to those who have been the victim of negligence, meaning that there is a high possibility that a claim for a Burger King accident could be settled for far less than its true value. Should such an offer be accepted and you cannot pay for the costs of your medical treatment for an injury in Burger King, you will be unable to return and seek additional compensation. For this reason, you are advised to consult a personal injury solicitor before accepting this offer of Burger King accident injury compensation.

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