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Bicycle Injury Claims

Bicycle injuries sustained by cyclists in a road traffic account for a much higher proportion of “serious” injuries (as defined by the Road Safety Authority) than any other group of road users. “Serious” bicycle injuries are determined by their severity and include fractures, concussion, internal injuries, crushing, severe cuts and lacerations, and severe shock requiring medical treatment. Irrespective of whether you have suffered any of these bicycle injuries or have detained in hospital as a precaution, where somebody else is to blame for your injuries you are entitled to seek compensation.

Even if you feel that you accident has left you relatively unscathed, it is better to have your bicycle injuries checked by a doctor at the earliest possible opportunity as landing heavily on a road can lead to internal injuries that may not be immediately apparent. Furthermore, if you subsequently develop an ailment directly associated with your accident, your medical records will be required in the pursuit of an accident compensation claim.

Bicycle Injury Compensation

Compensation is payable in respect of your bicycle injuries when somebody else has been negligent of shown a “lack of care”. Although most cases involve drivers of motorised vehicles that did not look properly before making a manoeuvre in their vehicle, councils who fail to maintain cycle paths and even pedestrians who not pay due care and attention before stepping out between parked cars are also guilty of negligence.

There are other circumstances too where you may have sustained bicycle injuries through no fault of your own and your best advice, after ensuring that your health is attended to, is to speak with a specialist injuries compensation claims solicitor regarding adequate compensation for your trauma.

There are other reasons for speaking with a solicitor as well. If you have sustained serious bicycle injuries in an accident, it may be that you are unable to work. It may also be the case that you have to pay for occupational therapy before you can return to work. Your confidence may have been damaged for riding a bicycle again, and you may have suffered even deeper psychological trauma through the shock of the accident. Many of these circumstances can be included in a compensation claim for a bicycle injuy.

To help those who have been involved in cycling accidents, we have set up a free advice telephone service,enabling you to speak with a specialist personal injury claims solicitor. The solicitor will be able to offer practical and helpful advice where issues may have become cloudy by well-meaning friends offering contradictory counsel and assess whether you have a claim for compensation for your bicycle injuries. There is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim if you choose not to and the service is guaranteed 100%. Simply call 1800 989 995 or if now is not a convenient time fill in our call back form on the left.

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What can I expect?

Serious bicycle injuries frequently leave the victim in a state of shock, so the first thing you can expect is an understanding and compassionate ear. Our solicitor will ask you to go over the events surrounding your bicycle injuries – how they were sustained, what treatment you received for them and how long you anticipate before you make a full recovery.

You are welcome to ask any questions in relation to a claim for your bicycle injuries – often these are helpful for adding strength to your case. Our solicitor will make an assessment of your case – instantly if possible – and advise you of your chances of success and the length of time it may take to reach a settlement.

If you choose to proceed with a claim for compensation (and you do not have to decide immediately), our solicitor can guide you through the process – which will be done in clear English – and again answer any questions that you may have.

The first step is to make a call to our free advice lineon 1800 989 995 and speak with a solicitor. It might be handy if you have a list of questions prepared, or you can request a call-back for a later time when you have decided what it is that you need to know. (fill in the form above) We look forward to hearing from you.

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