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Bicycle Crash Compensation Claim

If you have been involved in an accident for which you were not to blame whilst cycling, you should be entitled to make a bicycle crash compensation claim. Irrespective of whether another vehicle was involved, if your accident occurred due to a poorly maintained public road or some other factor, where negligence by another  person can be proven, you should speak with a solicitor about making a bicycle crash compensation claim.

Your first consideration, as with any accident, should be your health. Even if you were wearing a helmet, gloves and elbow/knee protectors, a fall on a hard surface such as a public road can lead to some serious injuries. If you are able to continue cycling, you should visit a hospital or doctor´s surgery to arrange for a precautionary x-ray as soon as possible, however you should not put yourself in further danger by cycling if you have lost your confidence on the roads or your bicycle is damaged and unsafe. Instead, get somebody to call for an ambulance (if you do not have a mobile phone yourself) and where you have been hit by another vehicle, you should also call the Gardai.

Making a Bicycle Crash Compensation Claim

One of the main reasons why you should speak with a solicitor after you have received medical treatment is that cyclists are proportionately more likely to suffer a “serious” injury (as defined by the Road Safety Authority) than other road users. Man against machine usually leaves the man in a worse physical state, and even though insurance companies are aware of this fact, they still try to make inadequate offers of compensation as if they were dealing with an accident victim who had been protected by the safety shell of a car, rather than the fabric of a knee pad.

Our solicitors are vastly experienced with road traffic and other forms of accidents involving bicycles, and are happy to assist you in making a bicycle crash compensation claim. In order to help establish the nature of your claim (as every one is different), we have set up a free advice linewhich you are welcome to call on 1800 989 995without any obligation and discuss the circumstances of your accident for a free assessment and some helpful and practical advice.

Our Free Advice Service Includes:

  • 100%Speak to a specialist bicycle accident injury solicitor
  • 100%Free advice without obligation
  • 100%Helpful and courteous at all times
  • 100%Impartial & accurate advice
  • 100%No pressure or legal jargon

What can I expect?

When you call our free advice telephone service, you will be speaking directly with a solicitor who is able to help you make a bicycle crash compensation claim. The solicitor will ask you to describe the circumstances surrounding your accident, what medical treatment you received and who you feel is responsible for causing your accident.

Although you believe this may be obvious in the event of a road traffic accident, if you have swerved to avoid a pothole in the road and then been hit by a vehicle, there could be two negligent parties. You too may have a number of questions that you wish to ask.

Once the solicitor has all the relevant information, we should be in a position to make an interim assessment for your bicycle crash compensation claim. The solicitor will be able to advise you of the likelihood of getting a fair settlement and how to go about it. Although several options will be suggested to you, you are under no obligation to follow any of them.

Should you decide to proceed with a bicycle crash compensation claim, our solicitor will be happy to explain to you all the procedures involved in the case and how long it is likely to take. Unless otherwise advised, you should not have to worry about fees and expenses, as these are paid for by the negligent party´s insurance company.

In fact, you should not have to worry costs at all, as the advice offered on our free advice telephone service is free of charge as is the cost of the call. We look forward to hearing from you, and if it is convenient to call right away on 1800 989 995 or please complete the call-back form at the top of the page and one of our team will get back to you at a more suitable time.

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