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Bicycle Accident Solicitor

Specialist bicycle accident solicitors are usually very experienced personal injury claims solicitors, proficient in the injuries specifically acquired from a cycling accident and the consequences thereof.

Bicycle accident solicitors also have to be familiar with all the reasons that a cycling accident can happen, and the potential for long term disability, chronic psychological trauma and even fatality. Being able to deal competently and compassionately with victims of cycling accidents is what sets specialist bicycle accident solicitors apart from general law firms.

How a Bicycle Accident Solicitor can help you

Good bicycle accident solicitors will ensure their clients receive adequate and fair amounts of compensation. When negligent drivers have admitted their lack of care, their insurance companies are quick to approach victims with offers of a quick settlement for a reduced amount of compensation. If you have an expert accident solicitor on your side, when the insurance companies do come knocking at your door, it will be with an acceptable amount.

A specialist bicycle accident solicitor will understand the nature of cycling accidents, you will find them easy to talk with and sympathetic to your situation. They will for example appreciate that you may still be in shock after you accident – indeed, many victims of cycling accidents take a long time to summon up the courage to ride a bicycle again – and sometimes need occupational therapy in order to get back to work.

Many victims of cycling accidents are young men in their 20´s and 30´s who will suffer a loss in their fitness due to their accident, and possibly never fully recover to the level they achieved when they were regularly cycling.

If you have been the victim of a cycling accident, you can speak with a solicitor via our free advice serviceon 1800 989 995

You will find that their experience in handling cases such as yours enables them to provide helpful and relevant information applicable to your specific circumstances. With over 20 years of dealing with all nature of road traffic accidents, our bicycle accident solicitors are able to offer accurate advice on the ways to proceed with a claim for personal injury compensation.

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What You Can Expect to Happen:

When you call our free advice line, you will be speaking directly with a solicitor fully knowledgeable with cycling accidents and their consequences. The solicitor will ask you to explain to them how your accident happened, what treatment you received, if you have yet been approached by an insurance company and if you have been able to return to work (if applicable).

You might also like to have some of your own questions prepared, as every case we deal with is unique and we anticipate that you will want to know some aspect of the law which may not be covered in our general guidance. Our solicitor will do their best to answer them, although the question we find gets asked quite a lot – “How much am I entitled to?” – we often cannot answer accurately on the initial call because it is too early to make a full assessment.

However, our solicitor will assess your case, let you know if there is a case for compensation and, if so, how long it is likely to take. We will also give you a list of options for you to consider in respect of pursuing a claim for compensation although we cannot stress enough, you are under no obligation to follow any of the free advice offered to you.

If you would like to find out more, please call the free advice service and speak with one of our specialist solicitors. You will find them experienced and more then competent in their specific branch of the law, and they will do their utmost to ensure that you receive fair and adequate compensation for your cycling accident.

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