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Asbestos Industrial Disease Compensation Claim

Although Ireland banned the purchase, use or re-use of asbestos over a decade ago, it is estimated that 50 people die each year from mesothelioma and other asbestos industrial diseases – whilst many more suffer long term health issues from related illnesses.

An asbestos industrial disease can take many years to manifest and is often misdiagnosed as pneumonia or a lung disease caused by smoking. If you are suffering from symptoms which have been diagnosed as either of these complaints, and have previously worked in an industry that dealt with materials containing asbestos, it is advisable to have a medical examination specifically aimed at detecting an asbestos industrial disease.

Symptoms of Asbestos Industrial Disease

Asbestos industrial diseases manifest in the form of lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural diseases and mesothelioma – which can either attack the lungs or the digestive system. An asbestos industrial disease is caused by inhaling the very fine fibres which permeate the air when materials containing asbestos are moved or dismantled and these fibres can also settle on food and drink and cause an asbestos industrial disease by being digested.

Although the majority of asbestos industrial diseases affect only those who have regular day-to-day contact with the material, there is still the risk of contracting an asbestos industrial disease with a short burst of high exposure to asbestos.

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Modern Asbestos Industrial Disease

Asbestos is still a problem in Ireland because so much of it was used in public buildings, shipping and industrial facilities, and you may still contract an asbestos industrial disease if you are working in an environment in which asbestos-containing products still exist or if you are employed in the removal of asbestos based materials. The removal and disposal of asbestos is a highly regulated and controlled operation, and can only be undertaken by a licensed contractor. However, where that contractor fails to correctly monitor exposure levels or takes risks with the disposal of asbestos, there is still the potential to contract an asbestos industrial disease.

In the workplace, to reduce the possibilities of employees contracting an asbestos industrial disease, employers planning alterations to an existing commercial premises in which asbestos-containing  products still exist, must make a full risk assessment before such work is undertaken -even if the work consists of drilling a hole through a wall to network a computer system. Where existing asbestos-containing products are in good condition, they may be left in place and their condition monitored and managed to ensure they are not disturbed. However, where an asbestos industrial disease is contracted due to the failure of an employer or contractor to take the proper precautions, you would be able to claim compensation for an asbestos industrial disease.

Claiming Compensation for an Asbestos Industrial Disease

Claiming compensation for an asbestos industrial disease has to be done within two years of the “date of knowledge” that an asbestos industrial disease exists – i.e. when the doctor confirms that you have an asbestos industrial disease. This may even be done by relatives of a deceased person if the cause was established during a postmortem, or by family members if the victim is too ill to make the claim themselves.

Because of the length of time that it may take for an asbestos industrial disease to manifest, there are guidelines in place to compensate a victim – or their family – should the company responsible for the contraction of the disease no longer be in business. There are also awards of “special” damages available to account for past and future medical expenses associated with an asbestos industrial disease.  As compensation claims for an asbestos industrial disease are not straightforward procedures, it is far better if you use the services of a specialised personal injury claims solicitor if you believe that there is a case to make a claim for asbestos industrial disease compensation.

In this respect, we have set up a free advice telephone service which will enable victims of an asbestos industrial disease and their families to call and speak with a solicitor familiar with such matters. Our solicitors will offer helpful and accurate advice and be able to provide information relevant to asbestos industrial diseases. There is no obligation to proceed with a claim once you have spoken with one of our solicitors and all calls are treated with the strictest confidence.

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