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Traffic Accident Compensation

Those who have suffered pain, injury, loss of earnings or damage to property due to a traffic accident are entitled to claim for compensation. Parents or guardians may make a claim on behalf of any children injured in a traffic accident.

In cases where there has unfortunately been a fatality, the family of the deceased may make a claim on the deceased’s behalf and on the behalf of any minors in the family who have been deprived of parental support.

As with any other form of personal injury compensation, in the first instance the claim is made through the Injuries Board of Ireland who make an assessment based on your application and supporting documents. Either you or the person or entity (called the Respondent) against whom you have brought the claim can reject the assessment in which case the claim will go back into the legal system and potentially on to court.

Do I Need a Solicitor to Claim my Traffic Accident Compensation?

It is not necessary to engage a solicitor in order to process a compensation claim through the Injuries Board, however, you are advised to do so. An experienced traffic accident compensation solicitor will collect the most compelling evidentiary documentation and know how to present it effectively in order to make sure you receive your full entitlement.

Your solicitor will also have the experience to know if the Injuries Board assessment is fair and reasonable or whether you would be better to reject it.

Remember your compensation will be ultimately paid by an insurance company. Insurance company lawyers are skilled at keeping compensation figures as low as possible – their jobs depend upon it.  Having an experienced courtroom warrior fighting on your behalf ensures the judge will hear the full story and not one tailored or truncated by clever insurance lawyers to fit their own agenda.

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At the Scene of a Traffic Accident

Though many accidents amount to not much more than a bit of a bump and an occasional swearing match, in cases where there has been an injury, those involved first have to cope with the initial shock. Certain parts of the body bleed profusely, even with a slight scratch, which can make the situation even more upsetting.

Immediately after the accident it is vital that both you stay calm and that any drivers, passengers or pedestrians are checked for injury and treated immediately. If necessary call for an ambulance and the Garda.

If no wounds are obvious at the scene then you should make an appointment to see your own doctor. He will ensure that there has been no internal or unseen injury which may cause problems in the future.

Where the accident involves little or no injury or damage the Gardai may elect not to attend the scene.  In this case, you should visit the Garda station as soon as possible to lodge your own report.

The medical examination and Gardai report may be needed at a later date to support your compensation claim so it is essential that they be as detailed and complete as possible.

 Most drivers will automatically follow the standard procedure of swapping contact details at the scene. Even so, it is a good idea to back up this information so make your own note of the license plate of the other driver’s car, ask him for a business card (instead of just writing down what he tells you) and if possible take pictures of the scene and the other driver’s car and licence plate on your mobile phone.

Most insurance policies include a clause which forbids admitting liability at the scene. Consequently, even if the other driver freely admits the crash was his fault, this will not help your claim. It is better not to discuss the circumstances but instead to focus on making sure all parties receive medical attention if needed and exchanging contact details. You should also make some notes and even draw sketches of events because it may be some time before your claim is called and if the Injuries Board assessment is refused and the case goes to court you will need to remember these details.

What to do Next?

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